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7- Minty Facts

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Uses Of Mint


There is many different uses of mint in our daily life.Here there is the most 10 uses of mint that can we use it for.



1-Mint Tea. Simply place a few sprigs (or a handful of leaves) into a teapot with a little sugar and  allow to infuse for a few minutes before serving. This is great for settling a nervous stomach.



2-Iced Mint Tea. Allow the above to cool, chill, and serve. This is great on a hot summers day with a few ice cubes and mint leaves floating in the glass.



3-Make Tabbouleh. Mix bulgur wheat, mint, garlic, tomato…well, here’s a recipe from a previous WHB. While Chris doesn’t include mint in the ingredients for her version, she does mention how it can be used instead.



4-Mint (and Rosemary) Pesto. This alternative Pesto recipe great served with fresh lamb, and was my entry back in WHB #52.


5-Mint Face Packs. Make a paste (i.e. purée) with a handful of mint leaves, half a tub of Natural Yoghurt and a quarter of a cucumber, and apply to the skin for 15 minutes – it will sooth and purify. Or you could just eat it…


6-Traditional English Mint Sauce. For the old school accompaniment to lamb that takes some beating, mix a handful of chopped mint leaves with a tbsp of sugar,4 tbsps of White Wine vinegar, and a little salt and pepper to taste.










7-Indian Style Mint Sauce. The Indian styled mint sauce is called Raita – simply substitute the vinegar above for 250ml Natural Yoghurt and mix well.


8-Mojito: A Mojito is a refreshing Cuban summer cocktail recipe. Simply mix 2 tsp Sugar with around 10 mint leaves, 2 tbsp lime juice, and 75ml (2.5 fl. oz) rum. Pour over a glass half filled with ice cubes, and top up with soda water.


9-Mint Potatoes. Chop up and toss with fresh boiled or roast potatoes. Voilà – mint potatoes.


10-Garnish. Take a simple looking desert, sprinkle liberally with icing sugar and decorate with a couple of sprigs of mint. You’re now super 80s cool .

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aloshi_132@hotmail.com said

at 1:41 am on May 2, 2011

if you think that it need more photos i will bring photo and put them beside each other so don't worry about it

Miss Yusser said

at 6:42 am on May 2, 2011

Well done!!! no, the photos are great and enough!! they look so appealing...yummy... I am getting hungry!! :)
but one thing, when I clicked on the tabbouleh recipe all I got was the photo of the tabbouleh plate, can you please fix it and link the recipe to it?

aloshi_132@hotmail.com said

at 11:19 am on May 2, 2011

i did what i under stood so try it now

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