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experiment 1

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Mint Effect



Now we are going to answer the question how do we know if the temperature of the mouse increases or decreases?

The answer is going to be explain using an experiment.


experiment 1:Mint Effect On Mouth Temperature


Objective:does the teperature increase or decrease when we eat



Hypothesis:1-Maybe the temperature in the mouse decrease so we

                  feel cold.

                  2-Maybe the brain receive a message that the mouth is

                  cold ,so it send to the mouth more blood,which make the

                  temperature of the mouth increase.


Materials:1-digital thermometer.



Procedure:1-take the normal temperature of the mouth using


                 2-eat the mint that you have.

                 3-take the temperature of the mouth after eating mint.


Anlysis:We can observe that the thermometer after eating mint

            indicates a higher temperature from the time before eating

            mint .

Conclusion:We can conclude that the second hypothesis is the

                  correct one.



The following picture explains to you the process of these experiment
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Fatima Al-Zahraa Itani said

at 2:21 pm on May 3, 2011

Ali we should post this in the big experiment

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