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Properties of Menthol

Page history last edited by Fatima Al-Zahraa Itani 8 years, 10 months ago

                   Physical properties of menthol: 


Molecular formula  


Molar mass  

156.27 g/mol  


White or colorless
crystalline solid  

Density and phase  

0.890 g/cm3, solid
(racemic or (−)-isomer)  

Solubility in water  

Slightly soluble, (−)-isomer  

In ethanol, diethyl ether, acetone, chloroformacetic acid, hexane  


Melting point  

36-38 °C (311 K), racemic
35-33-31 °C, (−)-isomer  

Boiling point  

212 °C (485 K)  


Peppermint oil 


0.89 g/l 

Vapor Pressure (mm Hg)

0.8 at 21C (70F) 

Chiral rotation *D  

-50° at 18 °C, 10% EtOH soln.  

Main hazards  

Irritant, flammable  



Thermodynamic data  

Phase behavior : Solid, liquid, gas  


Related alcohols  

Cyclohexanol, Pulegol,
Dihydrocarveol, Piperitol  

Related compounds  

Menthone, Menthene, Thymol, p-Cymene,


Note: The data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25°C, 100 kPa).

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