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Growing tips for mint plants

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Growing Tips For Mint Plants


If you often drink mint tea or use mint in your recipes, consider growing your own mint plants instead of always buying a plant or tea bag at the supermarket. There's really nothing difficult to it. Below there is a "mint growing"-guide explaining all the steps you need to follow.


Preliminary Advice


To have more fresh mint leaves, you can grow several plants at a time but don't take leaves for your mint tea before your plants have grown large enough. Otherwise, you will quickly run out of mint leaves.


The Needed Steps for Growing a Mint Plant


1- Buy yourself a mint plant



2- Plant your mother plant in a larger pot


3- Care for your mother plant: give it enough light and water


Mint plants need a lot of light and water (click for a bigger picture)

4- Cut off a sprig and put it in a glass of water


5- Wait, wait, wait...The roots should grow.


6- Plant your new plant in a pot


7- Now, you can drink minty tea




8- At last, don't forget to repot your plant each year



Reference: http://www.patrickdepinguin.com/mint/howtogrow/


For more information about how to take care of your mint plant, you chose for you this website



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