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Mint versus Chilli

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Mint Vs. Chili



As the results should suggest, you just feel the change in temperature it is not a real effect. You feel temperature with two different sets of nerve cells. One set called TRP-V1 will detect increases in temperature and TRP-M8 will detect decreases.


When the temperature decreases the TRP-M8 neurons will open sodium gates, allowing positive sodium ions to move into the cell and potassium to flow out, this creates a voltage which sends a signal along the thin tail of the nerve cell towards your brain. Similarly when the TRP-V1 cells heat up they also send a signal.


In the mint there is a molecule called menthol. This has the effect of fooling the nerve cell into opening the sodium gates on the cold sensing neurons and triggering a sensation of coldness. In the chilli there is a chemical called capsacin which has the same effect on the TRP-V1 nerves, creating the sensation of heat with no actual change in temperature.





We found a slight change in actual temperature in the opposite direction to your sensation. This could easily be a fluke and it should be tested by more repetition. But it could be an example of your body detecting that your mouth is cold, so it rushes blood in to warm it up, and vice versa. 


It is hard to tell exactly what is going on with both the mint and chilli at the same time, without a lot more research. But it would appear that the chilli acts much more quickly than the menthol, and it somewhat confuses your sensory systems to feel something both hot and cold at the same time.

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