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Learning objecives

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Learning Objectives Related To The Curriculum   




Chemistry Learning Objectives



 Biology Learning Objectives

  1. Identify Endothermic Reactions.
  2. Define structural formula.
  3. List the physical properties.
  4. Define enantiomers.
  5. Distinguish between  R and S stereoisomers.
  6. Discover the Lab safety rules.
  7. Follow the scientific method to find answers to a given question.



  1. Define neuron, thermo-receptor, reflex, and state their importance.
  2. Explain in details the role of sensory neurons and the TRPM8 channels found in the mouth in detecting the change in mouth temperature.
  3. Realize that the brain can receive tricked messages depending on the stimulus.
  4. Explain how the body reacts to the drop of temperature to maintain homeostasis through reflexes.
  5. Follow the scientific method to find answers to a given question.


  • Integrate between Chemistry and Biology subjects when discussing a certain topic.



  •  Explore new ways to find solutions to unexpected results.
  • Develop research skills and presentation skills along with computer skills.
  • Widen the scope and relate the daily life experience to the studied topic. 




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